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Quarry harbour project, Elleholm, Sweden | Client: Schweden Splitt AB

Schweden Splitt AB quarries and crushes high-quality pale grey granite gneiss on the coast of Southern Sweden. The quarry is located at Elleholm in the municipality of Karlshamn. Granite-Gneiss is used widely as a stone for construction. There is a great demand for it, especially on the south coast of the Baltic Sea where similar types of stone cannot be found. Granite-Gneiss is exported for example to Denmark, Germany, Poland, Russia and the Baltic states.

Elleholm quarry is located in the ideal position in relation to its target countries and the fairways. Previously, the blasted rock was transported about 10 km to the port of Karlshamn, but in 2013 the company was granted an environmental permit to renovate the old quarry harbour and fairway. The harbour, which has been renovated and expanded for this summer, is located just 500 metres form the quarry, thus significantly boosting production and logistics.

Terramare began the renovation work on the harbour and fairway in late 2014 with underwater drilling, blasting and dredging.

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